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New CouplerVault Pro

The Coupler Vault Pro™ is the Best Trailer Hitch Lock in its class!

The Coupler Vault Pro™ is designed to hold up against Crowbars, Sledge Hammer, Reciprocating Saws, and more. Your Valuables Deserve the Coupler Vault Pro™!

We have worked hard on providing the best hitch lock in its class. We hope you like our MegaHitch Lock.   We stand behind our product and wish you safe and secure trailering.

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Introducing the New Coupler Vault Pro™!
View Our Engineering ‘Real Life’ Test Process

Trailer owners across America have depended on MegaHitch Lock to provide a secure method to protect their valuables. We have not taken your trust lightly.

Introducing the next generation:  Coupler Vault Pro™ .

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We have built upon the proven design of the original Coupler Vault to provide an even stronger, more secure coupler lock.  Throughout the designing phase, we tested this lock against crowbars, reciprocating saws, and sledgehammers to give you the strongest lock on the market. Nothing can keep out the most diligent thieves, but the the MegaHitch Lock Coupler Vault Pro comes close. Trust your valuables to nothing less.

The New Coupler Vault Pro™
Definitely The Best Hitch Lock On The Market

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It’s nice to know that I can leave my motorcycle tent trailer unattended and take a ride now without the worry of someone else helping themselves to my trailer when attending a large motorcycle rally.
Dave, Eugene, Oregon
I love my new Megahitch lock for my new Jayco. Now it is time to get the cable for my generators. Thanks for a great product. The best trailer hitch lock you can buy
Bob, Urbandale, IO
Your coupler lock is like no others I have owned. I truly feel comfortable with leaving my boat parked without being around to keep an eye on it.
Tim, Lafayette, LA
I bought an Airstream in Oregon and seen your product at the reseller. When I got back to Las Vegas I went to your website and looked researched it more. I really do think it is amazing.
Dane, Las Vegas, NV
I have lost 4 trailers in the last 10 years. All had coupler locks on them that did not stop them from being stolen. I think that with your Coupler Vault trailer hitch lock those days are over. I have never seen a product like this before. I think you have hit a home run with it.
Craig, Denver, CO
Good morning Mike,
I attached the hitch lock yesterday, and am impressed. The Airstream hitch itself seems welded, so don’t see what else would increase security. Once I start traveling, I’ll talk with others and see what they do, and what theft patterns emerge. You have a wonderful product.
Thank you, David, Dayton, Ohio
I purchased on of your Trailer Hitch Coupler Locks from a reseller in Florida. I have owned other trailer locks before and realized that I was only putting something on there that would slow the thief down. I have had two trailers stolen over the years so I decided to spend a little more and give your product a try. I am very impressed. Though nothing will prevent a thief from stealing something if they want it bad enough the Coupler Vault will certainly not make it easy for them. I watched your videos on your website and seen how you tried getting your lock off of a trailer. I decided that I would try it myself. There is no way it will come off without a cutting torch. Thanks for making a great product.
Jim, Clearwater, FL
Amazing….. That is the only word I can find to describe your product. Thanks for giving me the security I was looking for.
Steve, Littlerock, AK
When I purchased your product I was a little skeptical. I have bought other locks in the past and they were useless. I am a contractor in Colorado, and I have my livelihood in my trailer. In the last 12 years I have lost 4 trailers, and everything in them. I got your lock and put it on my Vault on my trailer.
Thanks, Jerome, Denver, CO
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About MegaHitch Lock

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