Order  the 2” or the 2-5/16” hitch ball for $199
or Order the hitch ball combo pack for $209


We know we cannot thwart every thief’s effort, but we’ve come darn close. The new and improved Coupler Vault Pro™ has improvements all the way round, including:

  • One Fits Both. Coupler Vault II is now interchangeable between both 2 & 2-5/16” couplers.
  • Universal Hitch Lock* Coupler Vault Pro fits all standard hitch ball sizes from 2” and 2-5/16”.  A custom hitch ball for 1-7/8” is available. (Please note that a ‘universal hitch lock’ works on most standard units, which may not include obsolete or off-sized trailer hitches.)
  • High Density Acetate Ball. The ball system is designed to fit in the coupler the same as the tow ball on your tow system. The adjustable hitch design provides stronger security.
  • Adjustable Security Ball adds a second layer of defense – even with the latch undone – the ball securely fits inside the socket.
  • New Cam Lock Positioning (replaced the plunge lock). The stronger Cam Lock has been placed on the undercarriage of the Coupler Vault and surrounded by a stainless steel ring. This positioning obstructs chisel-and-hammer-wielding thieves.
  • Unique Tab & Slot System with all plates reengineered interlocking to fit together like a puzzle, and strengthen and fortify the entire vault structure.
  • Vertical Plates expand over the lid that strengthen the integrity of the lock, making it difficult to bend, pry or to break in.
  • Single Flat Extended Lid to keep the water and other foreign objects from vault interior. Larger holes at the bottom for drainage.
  • Tapered Steel Security Rings encase the carriage bold and cam lock to prevent reciprocating saws or grinders to brace a cutting/grinding position. The Taper design makes criminal’s tools slide out of position.