What You Should Know When Choosing A Trailer Hitch Lock

You have worked hard to have the things you have. Why not protect your personal property with the best known security lock on the market?

When we started with the idea about 6 years ago to create a trailer coupler lock that was like no other in the industry we were determined to make a product that actually did what the consumer wanted it to do. Protect their personal property. Today we have moved on to our second generation of lock. We coined the name “Coupler Vault” because one of the first customers we sold a lock to called us after he installed it and said it was like having a vault on his trailer. Because of special design features the Coupler Vault is universal, and fits most types of trailer couplers.  If your lock is one of the few that it doesn’t fit, we can request a custom lid from our manufacturer that may well work for your coupler’s unusual shape.

We make no guarantees that your trailer will not be stolen with our lock installed. We always say that if a thief wants it bad enough they will figure out a way to steal your trailer. What we can guarantee is that our lock will make it difficult and frustrating for them to the point that they will give up trying to get it off. If they figure out a way to steal your trailer chances are our lock is still installed.

Made of 3/16in. and 1/4in. hardened steel, the Coupler Vault is the most heavy duty secure lock on the market. We have proven in our videos that the $20-$50 locks can be removed with common tools. Why would you want to take a chance? Purchase a Coupler Vault so that you can feel good about leaving your trailer unattended.

Look at our whole line of trailer security products for an extra level of security.