Security Cable

Security Cable


Surround your camp gear with security.

Security Cable 30 ft. x 3/8 inch diameter galvanized wire rope with clear PVC coating.

This 30 ft long x 3/8 inch diameter cable is constructed of galvanized steel rope (wound so it is hard to cut) it has a clear pvc coating to protect objects being secured.

Installation Instructions

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At each end of the cable is a loop that allows the user to put one end over the Megahitch Lock bolt-ball then pull thru your toys/secured goods then back over the bolt-ball on the lock and then put the Megahitch lock onto the unattended trailer. We now can lock the trailer and all items at the site with one key and no combinations to remember, or just use it as a lockup accessory with your own lock.

When used with the MegaHitch Lock, it’s easy as 1-2-3!

1. Slide one end of the cable over the coupler vault bolt-ball.

2. Loop the cable through the items you want to secure then back over the bolt-ball.

3. Attach your coupler vault to your trailer coupler.

Please refer to our How It Works page to see this product in use.