trailer hitch lock secure protection

What do you have in your utility trailer?

$3,000 in hand tools?
$5,000 in mechanics tools?
$10,000 in power tools?
$50,000 in industrial equipment and supplies?

Don’t let someone
drive off with your livelihood!

Keep your horses and cattle safe while in transport, or while parked with Mega Hitch Lock security hitch protection.

Mega Hitch Lock is the safest way to keep your animals and your equipment from theft – wherever they are stored.

Is that horse and trailer valuable to you?

$4000-$20,000 Livestock TrailerĀ 
$500-$20,000 Livestock
Priceless Companion(s)

Protect your livestock trailerĀ and your Horse
with MegaHitch Lock!

There is nothing better than to take a trip to the river, lake or ocean and enjoy a bit of sun and fun. The problem is returning to the dock and finding your trailer missing … or worse yet … all your water toys gone.

Mega Hitch Lock is a convenient way to keep your boat and jet ski safe – wherever they are stored.

Protect your boat & recreation trailers with the MegaHitch coupler lock.

$65,000 boat and trailer
$5,600 in gear

Don’t protect your valuables with a $30
coupler lock!

Campers and trailers are a hot commodity when it comes to theft. In the right hands, thirty seconds can mean tens of thousands of dollars.

Keep your travel trailer and/or RV safe.

Mega Hitch Lock is a convenient and safe.

Many RV and Camper trailer act as a second home, housing other valuable items.

$$$ for your RV or camper trailer
Fishing gear
Jewelry gear

Protect your RV Trailer
with MegaHitch coupler lock.