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trailer hitch lock secure protection

What do you have in your utility trailer?

$3,000 in hand tools?
$5,000 in mechanics tools?
$10,000 in power tools?
$50,000 in industrial equipment and supplies?

Don’t let someone
drive off with your livelihood!

Keep your horses and cattle safe while in transport, or while parked with Mega Hitch Lock security hitch protection.

Mega Hitch Lock is the safest way to keep your animals and your equipment from theft – wherever they are stored.

Is that horse and trailer valuable to you?

$4000-$20,000 Livestock Trailer 
$500-$20,000 Livestock
Priceless Companion(s)

Protect your livestock trailer and your Horse
with MegaHitch Lock!

There is nothing better than to take a trip to the river, lake or ocean and enjoy a bit of sun and fun. The problem is returning to the dock and finding your trailer missing … or worse yet … all your water toys gone.

Mega Hitch Lock is a convenient way to keep your boat and jet ski safe – wherever they are stored.

Protect your boat & recreation trailers with the MegaHitch coupler lock.

$65,000 boat and trailer
$5,600 in gear

Don’t protect your valuables with a $30
coupler lock!

Campers and trailers are a hot commodity when it comes to theft. In the right hands, thirty seconds can mean tens of thousands of dollars.

Keep your travel trailer and/or RV safe.

Mega Hitch Lock is a convenient and safe.

Many RV and Camper trailer act as a second home, housing other valuable items.

$$$ for your RV or camper trailer
Fishing gear
Jewelry gear

Protect your RV Trailer
with MegaHitch coupler lock.

Looking forward to having some fun this summer? Better make sure your toys are still in the driveway. Most trailer thefts happen inside of just a few minutes. Under two minutes to break a lock and hook up your valuable before driving away.

Mega Hitch Lock is a convenient way to keep your ATV and Motorcycles safe – wherever they are stored.

Protect your outdoor toys with the MegaHitch coupler lock.

$500-2,500 Motorcycle trailer
$2,500-20,000 ATV
$2,500-30,000 Motorcycle

Get theft-proof security today!

How valuable is your business on wheels? You can bet that there are people out there who are hungry for more than a bite to eat.

Mega Hitch Lock is the safest way to secure your business.

How much is your livelihood worth?

$20,000 food cart concessions trailer
$2,500-20,000 ATV
$20,000 in equipment and supplies?

Get MegaHitch Lock today,
or you’ll wish you had tomorrow.

I have lost 4 trailers in the last 10 years. All had coupler locks on them that did not stop them from being stolen. I think that with your Coupler Vault those days are over. I have never seen a product like this before. I think you have hit a home run with it.
Craig, Denver, Colorado
When I purchased your product I was a little skeptical. I have bought other locks in the past and they were useless. I am a contractor in Colorado, and I have my livelihood in my trailer. In the last 12 years I have lost 4 trailers, and everything in them. I immediately knew I bought the right lock this time. The name explains it all. It is like having a Vault on my trailer.
Jerome, Denver, Colorado
Your coupler lock is like no others I have owned. I truly feel comfortable with leaving my boat parked without being around to keep an eye on it.
Tim, Lafayette, Louisiana
I love my new Mega Hitch Lock for my new Jayco. Now it is time to get the cable for my generators. Thanks for a great product.
Bob, Urbandale, Iowa
It’s nice to know that I can leave my motorcycle tent trailer unattended and take a ride now without the worry of someone else helping themselves to my trailer when attending a large motorcycle rally.
Dave, Eugene, Oregon
I have had two trailers stolen over the years so I decided to spend a little more and give your product a try. I am very impressed. I watched your videos on your website and saw how you tried getting your lock off of a trailer. I decided that I would try it myself. There is no way it will come off without a cutting torch. Thanks for making a great product.
Jim, Clearwater, Florida

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