I have lost 4 trailers in the last 10 years. All had coupler locks on them that did not stop them from being stolen. I think that with your Coupler Vault those days are over. I have never seen a product like this before. I think you have hit a home run with it.
Craig, Denver, Colorado
When I purchased your product I was a little skeptical. I have bought other locks in the past and they were useless. I am a contractor in Colorado, and I have my livelihood in my trailer. In the last 12 years I have lost 4 trailers, and everything in them. I immediately knew I bought the right lock this time. The name explains it all. It is like having a Vault on my trailer.
Jerome, Denver, Colorado
Your coupler lock is like no others I have owned. I truly feel comfortable with leaving my boat parked without being around to keep an eye on it.
Tim, Lafayette, Louisiana
I love my new Mega Hitch Lock for my new Jayco. Now it is time to get the cable for my generators. Thanks for a great product.
Bob, Urbandale, Iowa
It’s nice to know that I can leave my motorcycle tent trailer unattended and take a ride now without the worry of someone else helping themselves to my trailer when attending a large motorcycle rally.
Dave, Eugene, Oregon
I have had two trailers stolen over the years so I decided to spend a little more and give your product a try. I am very impressed. I watched your videos on your website and saw how you tried getting your lock off of a trailer. I decided that I would try it myself. There is no way it will come off without a cutting torch. Thanks for making a great product.
Jim, Clearwater, Florida